A Tree has fallen - Can I claim on my home insurance?

28th November 2017

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Trees can be an attractive addition to any garden and provide homeowners with privacy, but it's important to be aware of the impact they could have on your home insurance.

A tree has fallen onto my property - Will my Insurance pay out?

Claiming for tree works under your home insurance is a bit of a grey area. Typically, insurance policies cover the property that has been damaged by the tree and not the fallen/damaged tree itself. Although a lot of the time, tree works is required in order to complete the property repair works, so insurance companies cover the costs. pay close attention to the ‘Storm damage’ section in your insurance policy – This is usually a good place to start to find out if your tree-works is covered. Usually there are exclusions to your policy by fallen trees to gates, fences and outdoor furniture.

 My neighbours tree has fallen into my garden. Am I covered for the damages?

Insurance cover varies from policy to policy. If a neighbour’s tree falls from their garden to yours, causing damage, it is likely that their insurance doesn’t cover for the damages. Usually it your responsibility to remove the fallen tree and replace any fences or garden furniture that has been caused. It is unlikely you can claim on your neighbour’s insurance policy, as they are only insured for damages to their property not yours; The only way you may be successful in a claim is if you can prove a case of negligence!It is important to have your trees checked regularly by a qualified Arborist – and in some cases, have a Tree survey/Report published.

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