24-Hour Emergency Call Out Service

Trees sometimes fail without any warning and in the event of an emergency, Thor’s Trees provides our customers with a 24-hour emergency service, 365 days of the year. Whether it is a hazardous tree that has failed, one that is in danger of failing, or failure has resulted due to storm damage, our experienced staff will work hard to get the right equipment and staff to the incident as quickly as possible.

Our teams of trained experts respond to these emergencies quickly and efficiently to assess any damage caused to identify any further risks or dangers and to create an action plan to make the situation safe and to facilitate safe disposal, minimizing any further damage.

“We promise to respond to any emergency tree situation as soon as we can, no matter what
time of the day or night.”

Founder & Managing Director – Lawrence-Thor Stephen




& Insured

Trees sometimes fall without warning. In the event of an emergency, call us on

Please note:
Trees that are on private roads or on privately owned properties are for the responsibility of the landowner/occupier. Thor’s Trees work hard as an “Approved Contractor” for councils, Including Enfield, in aiding those who are in need, in the event of an Emergency.

Trees situated within the boundaries of the public highway are generally the responsibility of the highways authorities. If the highway is obstructed by fallen trees or debris; once reported, the council should clear the obstruction as soon as reasonably practicable.