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Thor’s Trees is a well-established company, based in North London, working closely with their customers to deliver expert arboricultural services and advice.

We strive to offer an excellent and trustworthy relationship, giving both peace of mind and reassurance whilst work is being undertaken. 

Quite simply – if it’s anything to do with trees, from crown reductions and felling to planting or just a little advice.... we can handle it! 

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01 Jan.
Whether you’re a landlord, or a landlord’s managing agent, one of the most important factors in your commercial mind must be the question of how to keep your costs down in order to keep your profits up. For instance, as a landlord you go to great lengths to choose the right agents who will interview, select and reference tenants to minimise the chances of finding yourself saddled with the unruly kind who are more likely to cause damage which will increase your costs. The same goes for trees in the gardens of your properties, because they can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you deal with them.
23 Dec.
 Tree surgery is like skydiving, it’s relatively safe, so long as you have the right training and equipment. Attempt it without putting in all the hours of study and experience and, well, let’s just say the results won’t be pretty!
09 Dec.
Stump removal – whether it’s a stump from a previously felled tree that you inherited with your home, or you’re thinking of getting rid of a tree in your garden (and want the stump gone as well) because its roots are causing damage, to make room for an extension or just to open up your garden to a little more light – is a task best left to a professional.  

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