10th July 2019
Sick Series: Horse chestnut leaf-mining moth

As we have seen in previous ‘sick tree’ series blogs, moths really can be a nuisance to our tree population – in the case of the oak processionary moth (OPM), they can even be lethal. While nowhere near as damaging to a tree’s health, the horse chestnut leaf-miner can significantly change the appearance of the […]

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21st June 2019
Sick Series: The Asian longhorn beetle’s insatiable appetite

We’ve written quite a few articles on the pests that can spell disaster for your garden trees, but the Asian longhorn beetle is a rather worrying menace in the UK, so do look out for it and report it to the Forestry Commission, should you find them in your garden. What does it look like?The […]

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13th May 2019
Sick Series: Is the oozing wound on my horse chestnut infectious or dangerous?

Yes. Well, that was the quickest blog I’ve ever written! OK, you’ll probably want to know how worried you should be, so I’ve put together a few morsels of information to help you identify what’s wrong with your horse chestnut and whether you should be calling in the experts to take a look. What’s wrong […]

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19th April 2019
Sick Series: Why do the needles on my pine look like they’re dying?

The colourful symptoms of Dothistroma Needle Blight (DNB) have led to it also being known as Red Band Needle Blight. If you’ve never seen it before, it can be hard to imagine a pine tree with red needles, but the consequences aren’t pretty – the end result of this disease, after the kaleidoscope of colours […]

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15th March 2019
Sick Tree Series: Why is my ash tree losing so many leaves?

Chalara dieback of ash is a relatively new disease to Britain, the first case only having been reported in 2012, following a delivery to a nursery from the Netherlands. As of June 2018 there were 1,401 known cases across the UK. Not a massive number, but significant in its spread in that short time.

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31st December 2018
Sick Series: Silver leaf attacking fruit varieties

Welcome to another article in our ‘sick tree’ series, our look at the most common nasties to attack your garden trees, how to spot that they have a problem in the first place and what, if anything, can be done about it. Today’s article is about Silver leaf, a fungal disease which affects both the […]

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19th October 2018
Sick Series: Acute Oak decline

Dieback is a common condition in Britain’s oak tree population, but in recent years the new menace of acute oak dieback (AOD) has appeared. The combination of a new strain of bacteria accompanied by an infestation of a particular species of beetle is thought to cause and/or make worse the situation, and it is a […]

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3rd August 2018
Sick Series: The hairy caterpillars that are as harmful to us as our plants

The Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) is a relatively recent scourge of the UK oak tree population. They live and feed almost exclusively on oak leaves and can strip a tree bare, leaving it weakened and more vulnerable to pests, diseases, and stress. But this pest does not stop at compromising the health of our oak […]

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18th June 2018
Dutch elm disease (DED), the story of a sickness that almost wiped out Britain’s Elm population

Today it is very unlikely that you will have a mature elm in your garden. It’s a shame, but successive waves of Dutch elm disease have devastated the British population of this once prolific tree on our isle. So, if you have any young elm saplings in your garden you’ll want to do your bit […]

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