24th April 2019
Veteran Oak deadwood

This week Thor's Trees were commisioned the much trusted task of deadwooding one of Enfield's highly valued veteran Oak tree's in St Stephen's Church grounds on Village Road, EN1. It was suggested by Enfield council that some of the ‘dead’ limbs were shortened to reduce weight and lever action in order to reduce the risk of public harm from […]

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12th November 2018
Large Cedar uprooted today

Today at Thor's Trees, three of our teams of highly skilled tree surgeons removed a very large dead cedar tree in Barnet, North London.It’s unknown to us as to what caused this beautiful giant Cedar to die, although we do know the tree has been dead for over two years. Cedars generally have a high […]

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24th April 2018
Oak uprooting

What a beautiful day today to treeworks...Check these great shots of one of our arborists Tommy removing this Oak tree today in Enfield. He even managed to tuck in a cheeky ‘selfie’ up top! Unfortunately, some trees have to be removed. Reasons for this include the tree having structural problems (such as interior decay), disease, […]

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20th December 2017
Being an Arborist

We know you’re going to like this one... Here is a sneak peek, through the lens, what it’s like to be an Arborist at Thor's Trees... Why be an Arborist? Being an Arborists and working within London is truly thrilling yet rewarding. It is a continuous opportunity to push yourself in being the best possible […]

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12th December 2017
Hedge Uprooting in Borehamwood

Today at Thor's Trees our team of Tree Surgeons completed a hedge removal in Borehamwood. Today at Thor’s Trees ‘Team Tree-Beaver’, also known as Tommy & Cameron, removed this Leylandii hedge in Borehamwood to make way for a new fence to be erected to the front of the property. As you can see on in the […]

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1st December 2017
Pruning a fire damaged Oak

Today at Thor’s Trees we pruned back some large fire damaged limbs from this mature Oak tree in Palmers Green, Enfield. Due to a recent suspected arson attack, Thor’s Trees were commissioned by an insurance company to remove and make safe the damaged tree branches. The property works being completed/built underneath made the task a […]

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17th October 2016
Conifer uprooting

Due to the lack of maintenance works, this Leylandii conifer tree was a little too close, for its size, to the adjacent properties. At a height of approximately 70-80 ft, it was a potential risk to nearby possibly damaging them properties in the event of failure or if the roots were to cause subsidence. In […]

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9th March 2016
Magnolia Uprooting

Today at Thor's Trees we were commissioned to remove this beautiful magnolia tree in North London. Due to the tree being in the front of the property, the front of the house, flower beds, lawn and driveway lived in continuous shade. Magnolias are stunning trees when they are in full bloom, although they can be […]

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