Pruning a fire damaged Oak tree - Insurance Claim

01 Dec 2017

Fire damaged Oak tree works rigging & lowering
Fire damaged Oak tree works rigging & lowering
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Today at Thor’s Trees we pruned back some large fire damaged limbs from this mature Oak tree in Palmers Green, Enfield.

Due to a recent suspected arson attack, Thor’s Trees were commissioned by an insurance company to remove and make safe the damaged tree branches. The property works being completed/built underneath made the task a little tricky, as the building works had already commenced – Although nothing get our teams more exited then a challenge!
Thor’s Trees have years of experience working alongside insurance companies from property related insurance claims; whereby subsidence is apparent and removal is imperative, all the way through to handling reactive claims through which fallen trees need removing due to high winds and storm damage.
By carefully lowering all the branches down over the structure, using professional, state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, we are able to complete the task in an efficient and safe manner with the smallest disruption.
After completing the cutback, our client can now compete the rebuild of the damaged property beneath with the reassurance knowing that any further works to the Oak tree will be of no effect or interruption.

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